How to choose a power strip?

- Jan 08, 2018-

How to choose a power strip?

In the choice of power strip, the most important thing is that the safety performance is better, eight aspects.

First, the material. The materials used in the panel of high-quality patch panels are excellent in flame retardancy, insulation, impact resistance and moisture resistance, etc., and have strong material stability and easy discoloration. High-quality plug socket material is selected phosphor bronze, good conductivity, good elasticity, long life.

Second, the appearance. Surface smooth and smooth, uniform color, texture, is generally a good product. In addition, the brand identity on the panel should be clear and full, with no glitches on the surface.

Third,Feel the hand. Try the switch, a good switch soft and hard moderate spring, excellent flexibility, opening and closing of the transition more intensity. There will be no row button in the middle of a button position and become a serious fire hazard. But also row plug, high-quality products because of the extensive use of copper and silver metal, there will be no feeling of floating

Fourth,Packaging and instructions. Brand products pay great attention to consumer satisfaction, so in the product packaging and manual effort is unqualified non-brand-name products unmatched by imported brands must be equipped with Chinese manual. For the product name, brand, technical indicators, etc. are very clearly marked, from installation to safety precautions are also readily available. These are the need to pay attention to the choice of patch.

Sixth, on the ground. The best to buy three plugs, two plugs regular manufacturers are not produced. Some patch panels have a ground jack, some do not, so insecure.

Seventh, power. Plug the power is generally 2500w, high power is 4000w, to confirm before buying, what kind of power is needed. Do not exceed the power limit.

Eighth, safety certification. Qualified switch products must be certified by the state and in line with international industry standards. Domestic products to pass the 3 C certification, ISO9000 series certification, some international brands also received other national and international safety certification, these will be marked in the product labeling, packaging or instructions.