Choose the socket

- Jan 22, 2018-

Choose the socket

1. The power outlet shall be inspected by the national product quality supervision department. In general, medium and high-grade products with flame retardant materials should be used, and low-end and counterfeit products should not be used.

2. The electric power outlet in the residence should adopt the safe type socket, the toilet and other damp places should adopt the splash type socket;

3. The rated current of the power outlet shall be greater than 1.25 times the rated current of the device. In general, the rated current of the single-phase power outlet is 10A, and the special power outlet is 16A, and the distribution circuit and connection power mode of special high-power household appliances should be selected according to the actual capacity.

4. For the convenience of insertion, an 86mm * 86mm unit panel, the number of combined sockets should be two, the maximum (including the switch) is not more than three, otherwise, 146 panels of porous socket will be used.

5. For household appliances (such as washing machines) that have electric shock hazard to the plug-in power supply, switch off the power outlet.

6. Install the waterproof box at the same time in the humid place.