Cleaning method of Switch socket

- Jul 27, 2017-

1. The appearance of the wipe to be careful, button 86-type switch socket next to the gap is a hidden dust corner, is more difficult to clean the place, you can use a small brush gently sweep out the dust.

2.118 switch Socket cleaning in weekdays may be used often, then if the parents are worried about dirty, or do not want to clean, it is best to attach a thin switch to the switch, both beautiful and can protect its neat.

3. Before cleaning off the switch, with a small amount of dry cloth with a low concentration of alcohol to wipe, should not clean water, leaving not only water traces, but also electric shock hazard.

4. In general, damp or near-water sockets need to install damp-proof cover, such as: near the sink, washbasin socket, kitchen, bathroom wet area of the socket, this not only to prevent water vapor and oily dirt wall switch socket surface, but also to ensure the safety of electricity is an important measure.