Code for construction of wall switches

- Jul 27, 2017-

(1) The position of the switch installation should be easy to operate, the distance of the switch edge from the frame is 0.15~0.2m; If the design no special requirements, pull switch bottom from the ground height of 1.3m; The pull-wire switch is 2~3m from the ground height, and the pull line outlet should be vertical

(2) installed in the same building, the structure of the switch, it is appropriate to use the same series of products; the position of the switch should correspond with the lamp; the same unit works its seesaw switch opening and closing direction should be consistent, flexible operation and reliable contact.

(3) The adjacent spacing of the pull-wire switch installed in parallel should not be less than 20mm.

(4) The phase line should be controlled by the switch;

(5) In order to be safe and easy to use, any place window, mirror box, top and behind the pipe, single door should not be equipped with control lamp switch.

(6) Dusty wet place and outdoor should choose waterproof porcelain pull wire switch or add protective box; in flammable, explosive and particularly humid places, switches should be used explosion-proof type, sealed type or installed in other places to control.