Do you know that mosquito killers can also be used as nightlights?

- Apr 04, 2018-

LED LIGHT INDUCTION AND 360 DEGREES SUCTION FAN: With LED lamp, can release 360-400nm ultraviolet light to lure mosquitoes. And the mosquitoes flying from any direction will be pulled in to the bug trapper with the built in fan’s suction power. Then they will be air-dried to die. There are three different degrees of suction to choose: efficient mode / normal mode / sleep mode.

MUTE DESIGN AND NON-TOXIC: This bug zapper provides continuous and uninterrupted noiseless operation, not disturbing you and baby at sleeping. It is no smell, no chemicals, no poison and harmless to the humans and pets, which is effectively kill mosquitoes or other insects through dehydration and environmental-friendly, especially suitable for kids and baby.

INTELLIGENT LIGHT CONTROL: With an intelligent light sensor, the bug zapper will automatically open or shut down according to the strength of light. Do not need any hand operation.   ——