Do you know the main material of switches?

- Nov 24, 2017-

1, panel: (three kinds)

    ABS: low-grade engineering plastics, easy to change color, low intensity.

    PC material: high impact resistance, heat resistance, high transparency.

    Electric jade powder: never burn, never change color, never wear, strong thermochemical.

2, the switch carrying pieces (copper) (three)

    Brass: its hard, flexible slightly weaker, medium conductivity, bright yellow.

    Tin phosphorus bronze: hard, flexible, conductive brass better, was red and yellow.

    Copper: a soft, flexible, high conductivity, was purple.

3, switch contacts (two)

    Silver: low resistance, soft texture, low melting point, easy oxidation, easy to produce arc, burn out       the wire or switch components, resulting in poor power.

    Silver alloy: low resistance, texture wear-resistant, high melting point, anti-oxidation, superior       overall performance than pure silver.

4, switch pull mouth (two)

    Self-run type: nylon, hard wear material, comes with lubrication, effectively reduce the friction.

    Ordinary enhanced nylon: over time astringent belt phenomenon, increased friction led to the melting point of silver, carrying capacity decreased.

5, base (three kinds)

    Imported reinforced nylon: good insulation, strong rigidity, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature deformation, to ensure that the internal components will never fall off.

    Recycled PC material: impact resistance weak, heat resistance is weak, easy to deform.

    Ordinary synthetic plastics: easy to aging, flammable, easy to deform.