Experience in designing switch sockets

- Jul 27, 2017-

Position: The general switch is turned on and off with the opposite hand. And with the right hand redundant left hand, so, the general home of the switch is mostly installed in the left side of the door, so convenient to open the door with the right hand, in line with the logic of behavior, but this situation is a prerequisite, we must ensure that these premises set up:

1. The opening direction of the door adjacent to this switch is to the right.

2. Door switch before the height of the furniture (the problem needs to pay attention to the furniture, shoe cabinets, large cabinets, five kitchen, etc., not wide on the switch or above the switch, which is inconvenient for daily use. )

3. The general door switch suggested the use of LED light, for night use to provide convenient, otherwise the wall on the edge of the switch will be dirty, and groping to open the lamp, always to the timid mm brought a lot of psychological pressure.