Internal structure of switch and socket

- Dec 02, 2017-

1. Using bronze, fastened pluggable

2. Socket tin phosphor bronze copper material, high strength, good ductility, good electrical conductivity, easily deformed

3. Protection against electric shock Door design, to ensure the safety of children

4. Power socket with protective doors are to prevent children from electric shock

5. Additional mine-protected, protect the lives of

6. Additional lightning protection module, an extra layer of protection, effectively reduce the lightning and overvoltage damage caused to persons and property

7. Unique design, with accurate plug

8. Cylindrical plugs, flat plug socket has a dedicated, to ensure the stability of the current

9. Preparation of standard icons and carrier card, easy to use

10. Information outlets standard icons and the card carrier, and can easily identify the use of socket circuits, easy to use and check

11. Distance design, reduce the mutual interference of ——