LED lamps exports, the main North American buyers to purchase

- Dec 01, 2017-

     1.The North American buyers become the main purchase: Half of buyers from the United States.

    Lighting sales platform currently ranked the top ten countries: the United States, Canada, Britain, the Netherlands, Australia, Spain, France, Italy, Mexico and New Zealand. Chandeliers category, for example, as of the first half of 2014, the United States, Australia, Canada, the top three countries were to become buyers distribution, which together account for about 70% of the total buyers. Among them, US buyers accounted for 49.66 percent, almost half of the total buyers.


    2.LED lighting products popular: monthly sales 500 000 pcs.

    LED lighting products with energy-saving, environmental protection, ease of maintenance and so on, in recent years has been favorable for overseas buyers. To LED bulbs, for example, buyers of such products to enterprise groups, mainly large wholesale buyers. The current, the lighting system using LED energy saving lamps overseas has become a trend. For cross-border electronic business platform sellers, this is definitely a potential business opportunities.