November PC material interpretation:soaring more than 30000,34000 be the next milestone

- Dec 13, 2017-

    In November, the PC market in China gained almost the same level as before. From 28500 at the beginning of this month, it surged to 30750 and rose 2,500 yuan per ton in the month, breaking through a few minor junctions in November. In early November, import brands the first force, the length of day 500, followed by domestic brands, or imported brands were flat, low-end brands topped 27,000; followed by gains slowed, after a brief adjustment, PC market again Into the uplink channel, this time the market has been 30,000 yuan / ton order, while the low-end brands also immediately after breaking 28,000, this time from the last breakthrough 27000 only a week past; in late November, PC prices accelerated upward, high-end brands Reached 31,000, low-end also came to 29,000. The current quality of the material is almost the same price with the new material is almost the same.                                                     ——