Photocatalytic mosquito traps

- Mar 08, 2018-

   Photocatalytic mosquito traps are the only mosquito trapping devices that use light, taste and wind technologies. They are the most advanced and environmentally friendly products in the world. Years of research by international mosquito experts have found that mosquitos find their way through the carbon dioxide emitted by the human body and fly toward the stream as they feel the flow of carbon dioxide.

    And they also have phototropism and weak wind, to attract them is the ultraviolet light. Mosquito killing mosquito mosquito mosquito using the favorite light of mosquito light, 360 angle light, coupled with the tepid effect, can attract mosquitoes in any direction; by UV light mosquito lamp photocatalytic reaction with the photocatalyst to release Carbon dioxide and air flow, the pattern of human body emits moist moisture of carbon dioxide to induce mosquitoes flew, high-speed turbines to stir the surrounding air to form a vortex, so accustomed to fly with the air flow of mosquitoes coming from the wind.

   Once the mosquitoes are sucked into the capture window, it is absolutely difficult to escape the strong vortex formed by the fan, and they will be sucked by the fan to the bottom of the trap until they dry up and die.

   Photocatalyst mosquito is the most environmentally friendly and efficient mosquito killer, mosquito light wavelength 360-380 nm, harmless to the human body; traces of carbon dioxide and water from the photocatalytic effect, the equivalent of human breath, without any toxic chemical Ingredients; photocatalytic reaction can purify the air, effectively kill a variety of bacteria in the air, absorbing all kinds of toxic and harmful gases. It flies, moths have the same killing, the overall performance is superior to other mosquito products.

   Its most important feature is that you can continuously kill the blood-sucking female mosquitoes in the same space, so as to effectively interrupt the reproductive cycle of the mosquito population in the space and its larger surrounding area, and achieve the effect of killing mosquitoes and flies in groups.

Photocatalytic mosquito mosquito fan formed by the use of swirling mosquito dehydration air-dried and died, there is no electric shock catch mosquito "pops" noise, no high-voltage electrical accidents, so he is safer and more reliable. Can be widely used in homes, hotels, restaurants, dormitories, hospitals, cafes, bars, theaters, office space, canteens, kitchens, farms, food processing plants, factories, the field and other indoor and outdoor venues.  ——