Switch socket is also potential security risks

- Jan 03, 2018-

   Proper and safe use of switches and sockets, switches and sockets fire precautions to avoid disaster. Switch socket is also potential security risks.

   Mainly through the electrical switch, outlet access to power, so the use of switches and sockets is very high frequency. However, if the switch and socket selection, installation or improper use, can easily lead to fire accidents. Therefore, to do a good job in preventing such fire is very important.

   To check the tightness of the wall switch or socket clip, smooth insertion is a key factor. At the same time strong squeeze the plug is not easy to fall off, effectively reducing the occurrence of non-human-power blackouts. In consideration of safety switches and sockets apart, their design is also of concern for more and more consumers, the choice of colors as close as possible to the wall color.