Switch socket type

- Dec 22, 2017-

   86 Switch: The appearance of the most common switch socket is square, the overall size of 86mm × 86mm, this switch is often called the 86 switch, 86 type for the international standards, many developed countries are installed Type 86, but also our country The most common switch in engineering and home improvement in most regions.

   118 type switch: 118 type switch generally refers to the horizontal bar switch. 118 type switch is generally a free combination of style: card inside the frame into a different combination of functional modules, used in Chongqing, Hubei, Guangxi and other places more. 118 switch in the electrician's list is generally divided into small boxes, boxes and boxes, long dimensions are 118MM, 154MM, 195MM, the width is generally 74MM, 118 switch socket advantage lies in his DIY style! More flexible, according to their own needs and preferences exchange color, easy disassembly, style and freedom.


   Type 120 Switch: Type 120 Common modules are based on a third of the standard, that is, on a vertical standard 120mm x 74mm panel, three 1/3 standard modules can be installed. Module size is divided into 1 / 3,2 / 3,1 three. 120 type refers to the height of the panel 120mm, can be equipped with a unit, two units or three units of the function.

120-type switch size in two, one is a single, 74mm × 120mm, can be configured with a unit, two units or three units of the function; a double, 120mm × 120mm, four configurable Unit, five units or six units of function.


   146 type switch: twice as wide as a normal switch socket, such as some four switches, ten-hole socket, the panel size is generally 86mm × 146mm or similar size, mounting hole center distance of 120.6㎜, Note: long-shaped cassette can be installed.——Yeslinkele.com