The wiring method of switch and socket

- Nov 17, 2017-

  1. Fast wiring

  The stripped thread directly into the wiring hole that is able to complete the connection without the use of a screwdriver. Wiring inside a hole reed, a main card will be pulled out backward, more convenient way is inserted, the receptacle need office poke holes stitches or by stitches movable pressure plate to pull out the line.

 2.Double board pressure line

  Double-plate crimp through the two screws to tighten the small pieces of metal between the wires are clamped. Double plate-line connection when pressure line works well, it is not damaged wire, but at the same time if connected to two wires of different diameters, a fine loose easily.

 3.Screw pressure line

  Screw screw that is screwed into the terminal through the horizontal screw, squeeze the wire so that the docking and docking firm.