What do you know about USB sockets?

- Dec 30, 2017-

   USB rechargeable multi-function combination of sockets, the power supply combination on the traditional more than the traditional socket can meet the needs of modern electricity. This socket is integrated with the common power outlet and USB power socket, and the AC power supply and DC power supply are combined together, and the power supply of the ordinary electric appliance and the USB interface can be simultaneously.

   The purpose of this product design is more convenient for modern electrical life. Now, a lot of small electric equipment, such as mobile phones, cameras and mobile entertainment products, is based on USB interface charge, the need for an external converter or practical special charging equipment and USB charging application of multifunctional combined socket can save these conversion equipment, very much in line with the needs of modern life, so that the charging more easy and convenient, can save a lot of trouble.

   USB charging multifunction socket in addition to creative design and stability of excellent quality, application in various public and private occasions, office buildings, hotels, villas, apartments and ordinary household can use. USB charging multi-function socket is simple, and common socket installation, can be installed in the wall or desktop and other position.  ——Yeslinkele.com