What is mosquito lamp

- Mar 01, 2018-

   Mosquito mosquito lamp device does not require use of any chemical substances in mosquito, absorb foreign advanced technology is further improved new generation of more efficient and environmentally friendly technology to kill mosquitoes instrument.

  Using mosquitoes phototaxis, moving with the airflow, the temperature-sensitive, hi congregation, especially the use of mosquitoes chase carbon dioxide breath and seek the habit of sex pheromones to develop an environmentally friendly pollution-free and efficient killing tools black light mosquito . 

  Mosquito killers can be divided into electronic mosquito lamps, stick-catching mosquito lamps, air suction mosquito lamps three. 

  Mosquito lamp has a simple structure, low price, nice, small size, power consumption and other characteristics. As in the use, do not need to use any chemical anti-mosquito material, is a relatively environmentally friendly anti-mosquito mode.  ——Yeslinkele.com