What is the difference between a broadband TV socket and a normal socket

- Jan 04, 2018-

  Most of home decoration are very troubled by the installation of the selected TV outlets, is not very clear in the end is to install broadband television outlet or an ordinary TV outlet, although broadband television outlet will be more expensive than the average price on a lot of television outlet.

  However, the use of broadband socket stability is better, the use of the range than the average TV socket is more extensive, more and more technology is now changing the era of television technology faster replacement,

  Even now for us not much use necessary but does not guarantee a few years later,I am here still recommended that you install a relatively new type of broadband TV socket, so you can save some unnecessary trouble later.


 Since broadband television sockets have only evolved in recent years, the majority of the common TV sockets used in most of our homes today.

The installation of the TV socket is also very important in use, pay attention to the installation of the ground and the distance of 300mm, kitchen and bathroom outlets to maintain more than 1.4 meters in order to avoid the impact of the humid environment in children more places such as kindergarten , Primary schools and other places can be properly adjusted socket location, to avoid unnecessary harm to children.