What is the T8 led tube light?

- Nov 27, 2017-

    T8 lamp is a fluorescent lamp (or fluorescent light tubes, fluorescent tubes) , 1 inch in diameter, about 25 mm, is one kind of gas discharge lamp.

   It uses power activation mercury vapor in an argon or neon gas, forming a plasma and emits UV-C, so that the phosphorus emits visible fluorescence to illuminate. General fluorescent tube glass, with both ends of the socket to connect the power and position of the fluorescent tube is fixed.

   With different electric bulbs, fluorescent tubes must be provided with ballast (also known as "ballast"), and let the gas produced with starter instantaneous high voltage ionization. Some new fluorescent lamp using conventional fluorescent lamp with different ionization methods, without using ballast and starter, energy saving and reduced in volume, so that it can be used in a conventional light bulb socket on the base, also known as "energy-saving lamps" 。

1. Light source: low pressure gas discharge, diameter: 25MM

2. Specifications: 600MM, 900MM, 1200MM, 1500MM * 30 mm, T5 lamp, 600MM, 900MM

3. Input voltage: AC 85V ~ 240 V5.Led current: 60-80mA

4. Lumen Value: 1450-2400LM

5. Power: 1.2W for the 36W, (equivalent to more than 40W traditional fluorescent lamp)

Color temperature: 3500-6800K

7. Life: 6000-8000 hours

8. Produce color: white / warm white / cool white

9. Energy efficiency> 80%