Why use the socket with a switch?

- Nov 16, 2017-

Why use the socket with a switch?

1, the protection of electrical appliances: frequently unplugged electrical appliances have some damage, the use of socket with a switch can eliminate each plug, for electrical appliances are a protection, in particular, some high-power electrical appliances is best not often plug;

2, the protection of the socket: a lot of socket damage is due to frequent removal, leading to shrapnel chuck loose, affect the conductive effect can not even use, use the switch with the socket, the plug do not have to plug in and out, is the socket protection;

3, the protection of family safety / saving electricity: the use of socket with switch can avoid frequent plugging and unplugging between the contact piece and the plug to avoid the risk of electric shock; many appliances also consume power when in standby, when not in use Save electricity, avoid electrical fire.