Bed Bug Zapper

Product name:Electric Bug Zapper,Name: Yeslink/OEM, Tube Type:Inductance ballast,Cover Material:PP+Iron,Wavelength:300-350nm,Active Area: 40㎡,Tube Wattage:20W,Pest species:Mosquitoes, flies, pests.

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Product name:Bed Bug Zapper

Key word:Bed Bug Zapper

Name: Yeslink/OEM

Place Of Origin: Guangdong,China

Number: CD-020 Bed Bug Zapper

Color:Grey + Silver or as per your request
Tube Type:Inductance ballast
Cover Material:PP+Iron

Tube Wattage:20W
Active Area: 40㎡

Pest species:Mosquitoes, flies, pests

Plug: Can be customized

Function: Electric shock elimination

Feature: Eco-Friendly

ModelTube PowerTube TypeCover MaterialWavelengthSize
CD-02020WInductance ballastPC+Iron300-350nm425*55*26mm
CD-03030WInductance ballastPC+Iron300-350nm530*55*26mm
CD-04040WInductance ballastPC+Iron300-350nm685*55*26mm

The insect killer attracts flying insects by black light around 365nm, such as flies, moths, mosquitoes and so on, then insects will be electrocuted by high tension.

The black light tube (Ultra-violet rays) is completely harmless to human being and animal.

No chemicals, no fumes, no smell, no sprays, no mess and pollution free. 

The insect killer series is ideal for indoor use such as house, factory, food shop, butcher’s storage, hospital, etc.


Unique and innovative design.

Strong and durable electrophoretic Aluminum, Shinning, oil-proof, scratch-proof, corrosion    proof.

Elegant sideboard made from fire-retardant ABS.

High-grade UVA lamp attracts pest in high efficiency .Ensure working life 8000 hours.

Easy to clean dead pest by innovation collection tray.

Wall mounting, free standing and ceiling is optional.


Detailed specification can be altered as per your instruction.

Products can be assembled as per your indication.




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