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Buy Online Blue Light Electric UV Fly Bug Killer Zapper Mosquito Lamp Indoor With Night Lamp Product Description: As a household item, the mosquito killer needs a beautiful appearance and warmth. Brightness can be automatically adjusted according to the ambient brightness, and the wind power can...

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Wholesale Indoor Eco-friendly Bug Fly Zapper Electric Insect Catcher Fly Electric Bug Zappers For Sale

Product Description:

An environmentally friendly, pollution-free and efficient killing tool developed by the habit of mosquitoes to phototaxis, moving with air currents, sensitive to temperature, and gregariousness, especially the pursuit of carbon dioxide breath and sex pheromones, is also known as black light mosquito killer. . Mosquito killer can be divided into three types: electronic mosquito killer, stick catcher mosquito killer, and air suction mosquito lamp.

 Anti-mosquito lamp has the characteristics of simple structure, low price, nice appearance, small volume, low power consumption and so on. Because it does not need to use any chemical anti-mosquito substances when it is used, it is a relatively environmentally-friendly method of eradicating mosquitoes


Product name:Bug Zappers For Sale

Key word:Electric Mosquito Killer

Name: Yeslink/OEM

Place Of Origin: Guangdong,China

Number: EP009 

Color:White or as per your request

Input: 5V/1A                 

Net Weight:490g

Power: 4W(Mosquito-trapping) 1W(Lamp)

Product Size: 160✕160✕195mm

Pest species:Mosquitoes, flies, pests

Feature: Eco-Friendly

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