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An infrared lamp that mimics the heat dissipation of human blood vessels—— Flying Insect Trap From Yeslinkele

1.More experiments show that UV mosquito lamp does not attract mosquitoes?

The function of the ultraviolet lamp is to interfere with the navigation of the insect due to ultraviolet rays generated by many flying insects during the day.

Chironomidae are also active during the day, and male adults fly in early mornings or at dusk.

The light emitted by the UV lamp caused the insects such as chirontos to mistakenly think that they were daylight. After take-off, because the light source was not parallel light, they flew on the equiangular spiral and eventually gathered near the mosquito killer. They accidentally touched the grid and were electrocuted.

Mosquitoes are basically inactive during the day because mosquitoes have the habit of avoiding strong light. Everyone knows that mosquitoes can hear mosquitoes in the dark. If they suddenly turn on the lights, the mosquitoes will stop flying and fall to the wall.

In a natural environment without artificial light sources, there is no UV light source at night! Do you say that mosquitoes need ultraviolet rays when they cannot find ultraviolet light?

There is only one answer, that is, mosquitoes do not like ultraviolet rays and they are not attracted to ultraviolet rays!

Just because the UV lamp "pulled" a large amount of Chirontos, people mistakenly believe that blood-sucking mosquitoes like ultraviolet rays.

In fact, it is the carbon dioxide, odor, and infrared rays produced by animals and humans that really attract mosquitoes.

2.Why do mosquito killers catch a few mosquitoes when no one is indoors?

Mosquitoes are attracted by the infrared light generated by the lamp's heat, not by ultraviolet light.

If someone is indoors, the mosquitoes will be attracted. The UV mosquito killer lamp has a wood attraction effect.

Therefore, the mosquito lamp can be made into an ultraviolet lamp that mimics the heat dissipation of human blood vessels instead of being made into ultraviolet light. When no one is indoors, it can also eliminate a little mosquito, which can also reduce the harm to the human body caused by ultraviolet radiation.


Product name:Flying Insect Trap

Key word:Flying Insect Trap

Name: Yeslink/OEM

Place Of Origin: Guangdong,China

Number: EP009 Bug Zapper Home Depot

Color:White or as per your request

Input: 5V/1A                 

Net Weight:490g

Power: 4W(Mosquito-trapping) 1W(Lamp)

Product Size: 160✕160✕195mm

Pest species:Mosquitoes, flies, pests

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Upgraded Bionic Mosquito trapping Technology. Based on the analysis of the human body heat loss,Develops a double attraction source with 365 nano-meter ultravlolet rays and bionic body cooling.

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