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The role of photocatalyst mosquito killer

1. Mosquito killer is an anti-mosquito device that is manufactured by using physical principles. It does not use any chemicals (mosquito coils, mosquito strips, mosquito oil, pyrethrum, etc. These chemicals are harmful to human body) and can be directly connected to the power supply. use.

2, efficient mosquito control. The mosquito-killing area can reach 80--120 square meters. The use of mosquitoes in the dark can distinguish the prey position based on warm and moist carbon dioxide and human body temperature; combined with the phototaxis of mosquitoes, the surrounding mosquitoes will fly to the mosquito killer.

3, clean air, sterilization. Use light touch to purify air and sterilize functions.

4. The silent design of the mosquito killer has no irritating noise from the electric mosquito trap.

5. At the same time it has the same effect on flies, moths, insects, etc.

6, double-tube design, when one of the light pipe is broken, but also lost the mosquito function.

7. Visible effects. The species and number of mosquitoes are easy to calculate, facilitating the study and tracking of illnesses.

8, suitable for families with pregnant women and children at home, better use of the night.

    Because the mosquitoes love the characteristics of light and the love of carbon dioxide, photocatalyst mosquito killer lamps will have a certain role in order to effectively solve the mosquitoes, which is the working principle of Photocatalyst mosquito killer lamp.


Product name:Effective Mosquito Killer

Name: Yeslink/OEM

Place Of Origin: Guangdong,China

Number: IMKD-01 Effective Mosquito Killer

Color:White or as per your request

RPM: 2000±10%

Rated Voltage/Power: 12V/11W

Rang of Application: 50-100

Upper Mosquito-lured Tube Wavelength: 365-370nm

Lower Mosquito-lured Tube Wavelength: 360-365nm

Product Size:133✕133✕267mm

Feature: Eco-Friendly


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