Electric Bug Zapper

Product name:Electric Bug Zapper,Name: Yeslink/OEM, Tube Type:Inductance ballast,Cover Material:PP+Iron,Wavelength:300-350nm,Active Area: 40㎡,Tube Wattage:20W,Pest species:Mosquitoes, flies, pests.

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Product name:Electric Bug Zapper

Key word:Electric Bug Zapper

Name: Yeslink/OEM

Place Of Origin: Guangdong,China

Number: CD-020 Electric Bug Zapper

Color:Grey + Silver or as per your request
Tube Type:Inductance ballast
Cover Material:PP+Iron

Tube Wattage:20W
Active Area: 40㎡

Pest species:Mosquitoes, flies, pests

Plug: Can be customized

Function: Electric shock elimination

Feature: Eco-Friendly

ModelTube PowerTube TypeCover MaterialWavelengthSize
CD-02020WInductance ballastPC+Iron300-350nm425*55*26mm
CD-03030WInductance ballastPC+Iron300-350nm530*55*26mm
CD-04040WInductance ballastPC+Iron300-350nm685*55*26mm


 Detailed specification can be altered as per your instruction.

Products can be assembled as per your indication.



1.Utilizes two high quality ultra-violet bulbs to attract insects and draw them into

   grillsects.Insects will be killed immediately once touching the electrical charged grid.

2.special chain holder and collection tray(removable)

3.the outer material is allumium.

4.High quality ultraviolet tube lures harmful insects to the built-in killing grids

  which kill off files,moths,bugs,mosquitoes and other pests without the aid of chemical sprays.


Note that the top things:

1, prior to use is important to note whether the supply voltage and frequency, socket must be fitted with a reliable grounding wire.

2, Fly insect killers should be put where children can not touch, the work can not be used when conducting hand into his side to avoid high voltage electric shock voltage network.
3, clean Fly insect killers, be sure to cut off power and high-voltage grid with a screwdriver to discharge, the discharge must be part of insulation to prevent hand screwdriver electric shock.

4, when as a result of mosquito Fly will have a spark, so all the more dust, flammable, explosive possibilities of the place and places are strictly forbidden to make.

Our Service:

* We provide OEM/ODM service for customers.

*Indoor use 20watt mosquito killer.

*There is a 20watt UVA tube to attract insects, 

  mosquitoes and flies. And internal grid voltage output .

*Available for living room, kitchen and small area use.

*Coverage area is around 400m2

*Package is 1pcs/gift box.


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