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Info Product name:Mosquito Killer Electric Key word: Mosquito Killer Electric Name: Yeslink/OEM Place Of Origin: Guangdong,China Number: IMKD-01 Electric Insect Catcher Color:White or as per your request RPM: 2000 ±10% Rated Voltage/Power: 12V/11W Rang of Application: 50-100 ㎡ Upper...

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Product name:Mosquito Killer Electric

Key word:Mosquito Killer Electric

Name: Yeslink/OEM

Place Of Origin: Guangdong,China

Number: IMKD-01 Electric Insect Catcher

Color:White or as per your request

RPM: 2000±10%

Rated Voltage/Power: 12V/11W

Rang of Application: 50-100

Upper Mosquito-lured Tube Wavelength: 365-370nm

Lower Mosquito-lured Tube Wavelength: 360-365nm

Product Size:133✕133✕267mm

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Upgraded Bionic Mosquito trapping Technology. Based on the analysis of the human body heat loss,Develops a double attraction source with 365 nano-meter ultravlolet rays and bionic body cooling.



1.Turn on the device 2-3 hours before sleep to achieve a mosquito eradication effect and ensure you a peaceful sleep. During use, presence of humans may weaken its performance.

2.Using 100% physical mosquito eradication method, the newly upgraded mosquito killer has no poisons, harmful chemicals or radiation and is extremely quiet and safe.

3.Easy for operation.Cover and body are easy to separate and easy to collect and clean insect bodies/ machine inside

How to use the Electronic Mosquitoes Killer Lamp properly
Firstly, find a good location to place mosquitoes killers Lamp!
a.Place the lamp in an area where mosquitoes breed or mosquitoes are most active 
b.Place the lamp in 0.7-1.2 meter high position and the distance to wall should be over 0.3M. Or a place with a wide field of vision, free of obstacles, no people is best 
c.Don't put the lamp in airy place when it is in use. 

Secondly, when the product is in use, ensure doors and windows are closed and turn off the room lights with a dark surrounding
Try to ensure that this lamp is the only source of light in a chosen area 

Thirdly, it is recommended to you that the mosquitoes killer lamp could be left on when you go out the house! or Before going to bed.
Keep mosquito lamp on! 
It is recommended that you could switch it on three hours before going to bed! We want to tell all buyers that our mosquitoes killer lamp is really energy saving and efficient, therefore not need to worry over wasting electricity! Trust us on that!

Detailed specification can be altered as per your instruction.

Products can be assembled as per your indication.


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