Electronic Insect Killer

Product name:Electronic Insect Killer,Name: Yeslink/OEM, Tube Type:LED T8,Cover Material:PC+PP Plastic,Wavelength:380-400nm,Active Area:30㎡,Tube Wattage:3W,Pest species:Mosquitoes, flies, pests.

Product Details


Product name:Electronic Insect Killer

Key word:Electronic Insect Killer

Name: Yeslink/OEM

Place Of Origin: Guangdong,China

Number: CD-03 Electronic Insect Killer

Color:Grey + Silver or as per your request
Tube Type:Inductance ballast
Cover Material:PC+PP Plastic


Tube Wattage:3W

Active Area: 30㎡

Pest species:Mosquitoes, flies, pests

Plug: Can be customized

Function: Electric shock elimination

Feature: Eco-Friendly

ModelTube PowerTube TypeCover MaterialWavelengthSize
CD-022WLED T8PC+PP Plastic380-400nm300*56*250mm
CD-033WLED T8PC+PP Plastic380-400nm400*56*250mm
CD-044WLED T8PC+PP Plastic380-400nm500*56*250mm
CD-066WLED T8PC+PP Plastic380-400nm608*56*250mm


 Detailed specification can be altered as per your instruction.

Products can be assembled as per your indication.



  Bug zappers are usually housed in a protective cage of plastic or grounded metal bars to prevent people or animals from touching the high voltage grid. A light source is fitted inside, often a fluorescent lamp designed to emit both visible and ultraviolet light, which is visible to insects and attracts them.[4] The light is surrounded by a pair of interleaved bare wire grids or spirals. The distance between adjacent wires is typically about 2 mm (0.079 in). A high-voltage power supply powered by mains electricity, which may be a simple transformerless voltage multiplier circuit made with diodes and capacitors, generates a voltage of 2,000 volts or more, high enough to conduct through the body of an insect which bridges the two grids, but not high enough to spark across the air gap. Enough electric current flows through the small body of the insect to heat it to a high temperature.[5] The impedance of the power supply and the arrangement of the grid is such that it cannot drive a dangerous current through the body of a human.

    Many bug zappers are fitted with trays that collect the electrocuted insects; other models are designed to allow the debris to fall to the ground below. Some use a fan to help to trap the insect.

Our Service:

1. 6 months warranty for normal operation according to the product manual;

2. If parcels are damaged or products are defective,please contact us within 3 days of delivery;

3. All returned products should be on initial conditions,in order to qualify for refund or exchange of goods.


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