Harmless Mosquito Bug Zapper

ABS Material Portable Electronic Mosquito Killer Night Lamp Product Description 1.The insect killer attracts flying insects by black light around 365nm, such as flies, moths, mosquitoes and so on, then insects will be electrocuted by high tension. 2.The black light tube (Ultra-violet rays) is...

Product Details

ABS Material 20W 30W 40W Harmless Mosquito Bug Zapper

Product Description

1.Exclusive UV tubes with spectral peak at 365nm

2.Full-size high tension grid-effectively kills insects

3.Firm and durable metal guard-maximum protection

4.Removable collection tray-collects dead insects for easy cleaning

5.Multiple mounting options-wall-mounted, ceiling-suspended & free standing

6.Aluminum alloy housing-shiny-stronger, rust-proof,easy to clean

7.No- tool service version available –replace tubes without tool

Used for

1.This product is suitable for the bedroom, living room, restaurant, bathroom, office and other places.

2.Environmentally friendly products, clean, non-toxic, tasteless, without adding any pesticides when used on humans and animals without any harmful factors.

3.The mosquito lamps are energy saving, decorative, hypnotic effect, cool light design.

4.the use of special tubes of special light wave to attract mosquitoes, flies and other insects into the mosquito killer, and then by the people and there was no danger of dc high voltage of the tag.

5.color soft, low consumption lighting, decorative light, can make indoor activities, such as sleep at night is convenient.

6.durable, can be long uninterrupted continuous use.(energy saving) of advanced circuit design, beautiful shape, energy saving, pollution free, safe and reliable,

7.long service life, power consumption small. Low consumption

8.Current limiting circuit design, low-power, high efficiency.

9.easy to operate, on 220 v power directly, is ready for use.

Customer Service

1.Introduction of new products to customers

2.Prompt and operational solution of problems with faulty goods

3.Different package design met all customer's requirement

4.Short time delivery of goods to customers


Intimate packaging,gift giving and retention are good choices.

Packaging Details:Color box pack,

Delivery Detail: within 20-30 days


1. 7-10 days for pre-production samples

2. 25-30 days for mass production after sample approval normally


Q1: What's the MOQ? 

A1: Generally, our MOQ is 2000pcs. Trial order is very welcome too. 

Q2:How long is the delivery time? 

A2: Delivery time is about 1-3 weeks, depend on the quantity and shipping method. 

Q3: What about the products warranty period? 

A3: 1 year guarantee period. Any problem occurs due to our side, we will take the responsibility. 

Q4: Do you accept OEM or ODM?

A4: Yes, we can do OEM and ODM for our customers. 



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