Insect and Mosquito Killer with Night Lamp

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Product Details

Three In One Features Mosquito Killer And Photocatalyst Air Purifier With Bactericidal Effect—— Electric Mosquito Killer UV Lamp From Yeslinkele

Product Description

This is our new product, it has 3 in 1 function, mosquito control, sterilization and air purification.

1.Air Purification function Via photocatalytic to Remove the peculiar smell and absorb formaldehyde. Via Activated carbon absorbs odors and adsorbs particles in the air.

2. Mosquito trapping function 365 nano light waves are loved by mosquitoes, can trap mosquitoes coming near the light source, then mosquitoes can be indrawn in storage box through the airflow generated by the fan, and then they will die of dry dehydration.

3. Sterilization function Via UV light  to destroy the bacteria and via Ozone to remove formaldehyde.

4.Low Noise and high safety: Ultra-quiet fan to minimize the noise .Mosquitoes are attracted to the repository and are air-dried and dehydrated to death. There is no “Pa-pa” sounds like using electroshock mosquitoes catchers, and there is no high voltage, so its very safe and quiet.

5. Purifying air: High concentrations of photocatalyst can absorb more harmful gases.

6. Disinfection:UV light can kill harmful bacteria in the air.

7.Super anti-mosquito effect: Live mosquito which was captured in the mosquitoes storeroom will send out chemical information to attract the same, can continuously capture the surrounding blood-sucking female mosquitoes,To interrupt the mosquito breeding cycle group, completely eliminate mosquitoes.

8.Long life: 20000hrs 

Used for:

This killer can be used in bed-room, hall, hostel, office, chicken farm, animal husbandry, and any other places where needs killing mosquitoes. 

The effective killing space of a killer is 16㎡,without anything to obstruct the killing's light . 

The killer is designed with power saving ,decorating ,soft lights ,so it's should be used in a places without strong lights 

We suggest to used the killer 24 hours continually to extend the using limits of the florescent tube. 

To improve killer's killing effect, it is necessary to clean the dead bodies of mosquitoes on the wire net regularly. While cleaning ,turn off the power , sweep the wire net with soft brush..

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