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Photocatalytic mosquito killer is the most environmentally friendly and efficient mosquito killer after years of research and development. It traps light at a wavelength of 360-380 nm and is harmless to the human body. In addition, the photocatalytic reaction can also purify the air, effectively kill various bacteria in the air, and absorb various harmful gases.

It has the same killing effect on flies and moths. The overall performance is comparable to other mosquito killers. Its greatest feature is that it can continuously kill female blood-sucking mosquitoes in the same space, thus effectively interrupting the mosquito breeding cycle in the larger area around the space and achieving the effects of killing mosquitoes and flies in groups.

The photocatalytic mosquito killer uses the eddy current of the fan to allow the mosquito to dry and dehydrate. There is no “hiccup” noise from the electric shock catcher, and no high pressure can prevent accidents.

Therefore it is safer and more reliable. Can be widely used in: homes, hotels, restaurants, student dormitories, hospitals, cafes, bars, theaters, office space, canteens, kitchens, breeding farms, food processing plants, factory buildings, the field and so on.


Product name:Insect Killer Price

Name: Yeslink/OEM

Place Of Origin: Guangdong,China

Number: EP004 Insect Killer Price

Color:white /blue / yellow / pink / purple

RPM: 2000±10%

Rated Voltage:5V-1A

Power: 4W



Range:60square meter

Rang of Application: 50-100

Product Size:131*131*136mm

Packing Size: 163*163*186mm

Warranty:1 years

Feature: Eco-Friendly

About Our:

One of the Guangdong's famous anti-mosquito Company. We manufacture mosquito trap, mosquito killer that is After many empirical, and ensure efficient. We like to help you to solve the mosquito problem and improve the quality of outdoor community environment, our professional mosquito control team introduce our powerful mosquito killer to you . Our Service Including Mosquito machine installation, maintenance and repairs.We provide  professional and high quality one-stop service.

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