UV Fly Electric Traps

Wholesale Indoor Eco-friendly Bug Fly Zapper Electric Insect Catcher Fly Electronic Insect & Mosquito Killer With Night Light Product Description: Anti-mosquito lamp is one of the electric appliances that are commonly used by many families in summer. It uses a photocatalyst to fight...

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Wholesale Indoor Eco-friendly Bug Fly Zapper Electric Insect Catcher Fly UV Fly Electric Traps 

Product Description:

1. Color: Mosquitoes are attracted to deep colors. The natural green of the mosquito killer causes the mosquitoes to fly collectively toward the subject.

2. Heat: Mosquitoes are attracted to human body temperature. Photocatalyst mosquito killer can simulate a typical human body temperature and attract mosquitoes to fly.

3. Moisture: The mosquito killer generates a moist, warm air flow that mimics the human body. Moisture is a photocatalyst that purifies water vapor generated in the air

4. Spectroscopy and Ultraviolet Rays: The arbitrary frequency of pulsed light produces a wide spectrum without wavelengths, which caters to the nature of certain types of mosquitoes to achieve killing effects.

5. Carbon dioxide (CO2): Mosquitoes can detect CO2 emitted by humans from a distance of 30 meters. Female mosquitoes use CO2 to find suitable targets. For all mosquitoes, CO2 is the main attractant and can enhance the effects of other attractants such as milk and sweat.


Product name:UV Fly Electric Traps

Key word:Electric Mosquito Killer

Name: Yeslink/OEM

Place Of Origin: Guangdong,China

Number: EP009 

Color:White or as per your request

Input: 5V/1A                 

Net Weight:490g

Power: 4W(Mosquito-trapping) 1W(Lamp)

Product Size: 160✕160✕195mm

Pest species:Mosquitoes, flies, pests

Feature: Eco-Friendly

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