White UV Insect Killer

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Product Details

Three In One Features Mosquito Killer And Photocatalyst Air Purifier With Bactericidal Effect——White UV Insect Killer For Mosquitoes From Yeslinkele

Mosquito Inhaler Trap Night Light for Undisturbed Sleep Anywhere

Are you still disturbed by annoying mosquitoes all nights when sleeping? Are you always being bitten by mosquitoes during camping or night fishing? Are you still catching mosquitoes when working and decreasing your efficiency again and again?

You really need a safe and quiet insect killer machine!!! 

Mosquito Inhaler Trap is what you want!!!

Safe for babies, children, aged,people and pets.It is very effective at luring in and killing mosquitoes, flies and other annoying and unsanitary insects. Fashionable design fits nicely with any decor. No need for dangerous insect repellents and insect sprays, keeps your family members safety with bug free and sanitized home.

How the Mosquito Trap Killer Works

This advanced mosquitoes killer emits a soft Purple light and lures mosquito and flying insects into the killing grid. It has a powerful fan running at the bottom. The bugs are attracted to nearby and caught by the suction fan wind. Mosquitoes will dropped into a tray below without any escape. The fan will dry mosquitoes to die. There is no loud and irritating zapping or potentially dangerous electrical currents to hurt animals and people as well as no harmful bug sprays and insect foggers. Ideal for bedroom, baby's room, any living area that you want to keep bug free. 

Attractive, Safe, Effective,Quiet and Sanitary-Get your mosquito killer lamp today and keep mosquitoes away!!!

Product Description

This is our new product, it has 3 in 1 function, mosquito control, sterilization and air purification.

1.Air Purification function Via photocatalytic to Remove the peculiar smell and absorb formaldehyde. Via Activated carbon absorbs odors and adsorbs particles in the air.

2. Mosquito trapping function 365 nano light waves are loved by mosquitoes, can trap mosquitoes coming near the light source, then mosquitoes can be indrawn in storage box through the airflow generated by the fan, and then they will die of dry dehydration.
3. Sterilization function Via UV light  to destroy the bacteria and via Ozone to remove formaldehyde. 


1. Packaging: opp bag box/PE bag/blister box option, outside Carton. It can be changed

as your request.

2. Delivery Time:sample 1-3 days, bulk order(1000 pcs or less): 3-8 days after received payment.

3. Shipping Port: Shenzhen Port, China

4. By Air, by Sea, or by express(DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, etc)

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