Alibaba Is The Second Shareholder Of Gaoxin Retail.

- Jan 16, 2018-


On 12th Jan, alibaba completed a bid for the company's parent company, gaoxin retail. At this point, alibaba and the concerted action people have received 71.98% shares of gaoxin retail. However, one of the largest shareholder is the concerted action person JiXin, this had to sun art listed AD hoc company owns a 51% stake in sun art retail, alibaba is still two shareholders, shareholding proportion was only 20.98%. Gaoxin retail, which has a retail brand such as big fat, auchan and histow, operates 490 retail stores in 224 Chinese cities. The acquisition did not make alibaba a major shareholder, but it was enough to turn the 490 stores into the "prepositions" of its new retail stores.——