Best Bug Zapper For Mosquitoes

- Apr 26, 2018-

   Mosquito traps are an easy way to dramatically reduce mosquito population. Though you have to realize there are many kinds of mosquito traps that might be potentially harmful for your family or pets. Most insect traps focus on killing insects, it does not differentiate between the good or bad, these might even be harmful to your surroundings/nature.

   The Yeslink Mosquito traps is designed to lure in female mosquito and other insects like biting bugs that are attracted to Co2/H2o. The  Yeslink Mosquito traps can be combined with an attractant to increase the efficiency of the trap and catch more mosquitos. The trap with the attractant mimics the scent of human body chemistry and releases Co2/H2o to mimics the exhaling of humans/pets. The Yeslink Mosquito traps sucks the mosquitos into the trap with the near-silent fan, where the mosquitoes will be dehydrated and will die within 8 hours. Besides being able to control mosquitoes the  Yeslink Mosquito traps attracts other bothersome insects like black flies and midges.  ——

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