Dissatisfied With Pay? Amazon Italian Employees Will Strike On Black Friday

- Nov 27, 2017-

    According to local trade unions, employees at the Italian giant of the e-commerce giant Amazon are planning their first strike, and employees from six different warehouses in Amazon Germany are ready to strike for the remainder of the year on Friday One of the busiest days to the company chaos.

    In a statement, the union said 500 Amazon employees in the Piacenza area in northern Italy agreed to go ahead with the strike because of unsuccessful negotiations with the company. The workers also decided not to work overtime by the end of the year. You know, this is the end of this year is Amazon's busiest shopping season, companies often employ some zero hour work during this time to solve the problem of insufficient manpower.

   Meanwhile, employees from six warehouses in Amazon, Germany, are also set to go on strike on Friday to express dissatisfaction with pay and working conditions, according to the German trade union Verdi. Amazon Italy said in a statement that it is continuing to monitor the incident and that it will ensure the prompt delivery of the shipment on black Friday and for some time to come. Amazon said it paid the warehouse staff salaries are the highest in the logistics sector, while also providing a lot of benefits, such as private health insurance and free vocational training.