Distribution Box, Switch Box Note

- Jul 27, 2017-

1. All distribution boxes and switchgear boxes in the construction site should be responsible for (professional electricians), and all distribution boxes and switchgear boxes shall be fitted with locks and marked with their names, uses and taps.

2. All distribution boxes and switch boxes must be in use in accordance with the order of the total Distribution box-distribution box-the switch box and by the Switch box-distribution box-the order of the total distribution box (except in case of an electrical failure).

3. The switch box operator should be familiar with the correct operation method of the switch apparatus, the power switch box should be unlocked when the construction site is closed for 1h or above.

4. No sundries shall be placed in the Distribution box or switch box, and no other temporary power equipment shall be attached, and when using and replacing the fuse, it shall be in accordance with the specifications, and the copper wire should be strictly prohibited.

5. All distribution box and switch box must be inspected and repaired by professional electrician once a month, electrician must wear insulating protective equipment, use electrician insulating tool, non electrician personnel will not be allowed to randomly pick up electrical appliances and use electrical equipment at construction site.

6. The inlet and outlet of the distribution box shall not be subjected to external forces and be strictly prohibited from contacting the metal sharp fracture and strong corrosive medium.