Global Shipping Company Integrated Capacity, A Record Innovation

- Jan 10, 2018-

  According to Alphaliner, the combined capacity of the top 10 shipping companies reached a new record in 2017, driven by the recent wave of consolidation in the shipping industry.

  Market concentration increased, leading to a comprehensive capacity share of the major shipping companies rose,By the end of this year, the share reached a record high of 77%.

  Alphaliner said that with the pending acquisition of Orient Overseas COSCO and K line, MOL and NYK,combined to form a marine transportation network, this figure will continue to rise to 82%.

 The top three global shipping companies are still Maersk, Mediterranean Shipping and CMA CGM. However, COSCO and Haberote have narrowed their gap with the previous few through consolidation initiatives over the past two years. ——