Introduction To The Features Of Four-hole Sockets

- Jul 27, 2017-

Special grounding on four-hole sockets (0) jack is slightly larger than other jacks, the corresponding plug is also larger, longer, four-hole sockets have the following two advantages:

(1) To ensure that the device shell directly connected to the grounding (0) plug can only be inserted human grounding (0) jack, and the protection of grounding (0) line connected, and can not be inserted into other jacks and phase line connected.

(2) since the grounding (0) plug is longer than that of the connector, when the power is on, the special grounding (0) protects the contact head when the conductive contact is connected; When the power is off, the special grounding (0) protects the contact head after the conductive contact is disconnected, which is more effective to protect the function.