Japan Imposed Anti-dumping Duties On Chinese Steel Products Twice A Year

- Dec 28, 2017-

   December 26, according to news reports surging, Japan imposed a provisional anti-dumping duties on steel parts from China and Korea. Provisional anti-dumping duties since December 28 imposed for 4 months, the tax rate between 41.8% -69.2%. It is understood that the above-mentioned steel parts are mainly used for factory pipes and so on. 

  Earlier, Japan's Ministry of Economy and Finance Ministry has determined that dumping is likely to deal a blow to Japan's domestic steel industry, adding that as early as 2017 to determine the taxable year. 

  It is noteworthy that this is the year 2017 in Japan and China will play a second steel-related products trade friction occurs, from the point of view over the years is rare.