Today The Onshore Renminbi Is Rising Against The Dollar And The Yen, Against The Euro.

- Jan 16, 2018-

Today the onshore renminbi is rising against the dollar and the yen, against the euro.

Today, the RMB exchange rate against the us dollar has appreciated significantly. The RMB exchange rate is 6.4574 against the us dollar, up 358 basis points from last Friday 6.4932.

The renminbi has depreciated sharply against the euro today, with the renminbi trading at 7.8717 against the euro, down 486 basis points from Friday's 7.8231.

Today, the renminbi has appreciated significantly against the 100 yen exchange rate. The RMB exchange rate for 100 yen is 5.8145, which is 230 basis points higher than Friday's 5.8375.