Trump Is Serious! A Trade War Between China And The United States Will Begin Next Month

- Jan 09, 2018-


The trump administration will launch new trade penalties against China in early 2018, raising concerns among some us business executives that it could spark a costly trade war.Some business officials and analysts who closely track trade policies expect Mr. Trump to take concrete action within weeks on a series of trade disputes involving China.The trump will be the end of January 2018, processing a series of trade disputes related to Chinese companies, including U.S. companies seeking photovoltaic products to China and South Korea the request of the washing machine in strict import duties.

Us trade officials have ruled that the interests of us companies in both sectors have indeed been damaged and that Mr Trump has been proposed to create new trade barriers.Earlier, the trump administration ordered a trade investigation into China, focusing on alleged violations of U.S. intellectual property rights.Analysts said Mr Trump could order restrictions on Chinese investment in the us or unilaterally raise tariffs.That, of course, could violate America's wto commitments.